Well here are links to some cool (in our opinion) sites on the net. Please send me an email at if a link is not working or if you would like to exchange links with us.

  • Vinal Edge Records Myspace PageThis is where we blog, y'all...
  • Space City GamelanChuck Roast of Vinal Edge & his pals are in a very unique Indonesian styled gamelan group band called Space City Gamelan.
  • Different Kind of MonkeyChuck Roast of Vinal Edge & his pals are in a weird band called Different Kind of Monkey. Visit their jungle.
  • Genetic Memory RadioChuck Roast of Vinal Edge & his pals do Avant Garde radio on 50,000 watts of Rice University Radio KTRU power.
  • Super Happy Funland(Very hip local underground club just inside the North 610 loop run by some truly nice folk. All the weirdo noize bands love this place. BYOB and you can store it in their fridge.
  • Super Unison(These fine folk promote a lot of cool shows in Houston at fair prices! Many shows for sale in our shop Vinal Edge Records. Check their site for a list of upcoming Houston concerts.)
  • Numbers (#'s) NightclubOccasional live concerts, but DJ'd dance music is the norm. From House music to Trance, Goth, Industrial, Punk and more.

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